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12/3/2010 Dev Ignition - NetBeans Project Management
Slides from my Dev Ignition presentation are now available online!
9/22/2010 Developing Beyond the Component Libraries
Slides from my JavaOne presentation are now available!
1/22/2008 Introduction to JBoss Seam
Today I did an introductory presentations at the Philadelphia JBoss Users Group on JBoss Seam. Seam is an exciting technology that finally fills in many of the glaring gaps in JSF. Documentation is not in the best state - many of the books out on the market leave sometime to be desired.
1/10/2006 MIT Whitehead Project
After many months of toil and multiple trips to Boston, the imaging pilot project for CSBi is finally complete. The workflow runs a on a mixture of SGI IRIX and linux SMP machines. I wrapped up most of the image processing operations from Hyugens. The summary report can be viewed here (WorkflowOverviewV3.doc)
9/13/2004 Java Imaging 101
Presented at the Long Island Java User Group on the Java Advanced Imaging. Good crowd with some very good questions. This presentation was a complete re-write of my earlier efforts and delved more into the heart o java imaging and JAI. Presentation can be download here.
8/15/2004 TurboWorx Enterprise Demo
After many months of work I put together an image processing power point presentation that demos the TurboWorx Enterprise system. So if you are wondering exactly TurboWorx does or I do - checkout the demo! I wrapped practically all of the JAI components - completely automated the process with custom XDoclet bindings that output component definitions for TWE. Note: the image processing is kinda cheesy - would have preferred something more scientific!
4/20/2004 Presentation on Java Preferences @ CT Java SIG
I did a co-presentation with Carl Miller, President of COOUG, at the April Java SIG meeting. Carl covered LDAP whereas I covered the basics of the Java Preferences API. Not exactly the best API but it does have a leg up on property files.
12/3/2003 Java Advanced Imaging Presentation - NY Java SIG
Douglas Wood (SIS Kodak) and I did a presentation on Java Advanced Imaging for the New York Java Users Group. Attendance was over 125 with many excellent questions! The meeting was held in Sun's offices which are about a block from Grand Central Station. Copies of the presentation can be found here.
2/27/2007 - Open Source Survey Presentation
I did a presentation for the Connecticut Java Users Group which surveyed a variety of open source projects. In my opinion, developers often re-invent the wheel rather than looking to open source. Although some take it a little too far. This presentation looked at some common projects as well as several which were interesting but possibly overkill. In 2007 why should anyone be writing a routine from scratch to copy a file or generate a checksum?
4/1/2004 JDJ Article Published
Look for my review of Zion's JBuddy Message Server in the current issue of the Java Developer Journal (JDJ). I constructed a "Build Buddy" application that sends out notifications when an ant script successfully completes. The JBuddy Message Server provides a common API to interact with all of the major IM services transparently.