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Welcome to my website! I am an e-Formulation Analyst at Dassault Systemes formerly Enginuity PLM.
Please checkout the Connecticut Java Users Group which I run. Also checkout my brother's website www.TravisCuprak.com
Wedding plans are coming along! We've mailed out the invites the last two and a half weeks.
For more information on the wedding, please checkout our dedicated wedding website!
12/22/2010 Elsa said Yes!
On Elsa's birthday I took her to see the Radio City Music Show and then out to dinner at Brasserie Ruhlmann. During dinner I surprised her with a ring! She said yes!
12/3/2010 Dev Ignition - NetBeans Project Management
Slides from my Dev Ignition presentation are now available online!
9/22/2010 Developing Beyond the Component Libraries
Slides from my JavaOne presentation are now available!